-TM b ATZE-TM, SSN 517-50-4567
PO Box 83, Great Falls, Montana, United States of America 59403-0083
North America, Earth, & Ehlswar
90,001,037,525 + 01=18_01.0 LDT/20


We were requested to post a Privacy Policy, and hence this:

Our presenting used a global map that purported to present a visitor location on the world. We are interested where people visitors are; it is information. We present where we are, an exchange of info.

Additionally, a reference to an <iframe> as an indication a different group was monitoring who visited our presentings, and upon investigation it was a video presenting affiliated group that monitors only if we present a video with enhanced privacy mode and if a visitor views the video.

There are risks using internet, and we are not in control of who does what. We have been doing internet a long time, and not much response email or postal mail. We have movies and music for sale. Contact us with an inquiry.

USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
Young individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years.
Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while presumptively wrong, or influenced of wrong conditions.
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